Justin Cross is a Cult Survivor, Author, Speaker,
& Radical Transformation Coach

Over the course of 15 years as an entrepreneur, Justin built an $8M business from the ground up, yet found himself still trying to find fulfillment and meaning beyond money. 

He discovered there is only one difference between business leaders who experience lasting fulfillment, and ones that keep running around in circles chasing the idea of fulfillment.

He spent 7 years uncovering the truth of what makes people feel like they are failing to reach their highest potential. After discovering the role that limiting beliefs play, and how they sabotage your happiness, he developed a coaching program that teaches high performers how to reprogram their psychology, eliminate limiting beliefs, and build an epic life. 

He has been recently featured in LA Confidential Magazine, and spoke at the “20 Power Players of LA” event. 

Justin has worked with countless business leaders, high net worth individuals, celebrities, and influencers, helping them them permanently change their thought patterns in order to unlock their true potential and achieve the highest level of personal and professional performance.

"The only difference between business leaders who are fulfilled and ones who keep running around in circles chasing the idea of fulfillment is recognizing (and eliminating) one toxic mental habit"

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